Joey's Porsche Grey Cafe

74 CL450

Joey's cafe started as a non-running 74 CL450.  The Porsche Grey bike got a basic motor rebuild with added electronic ignition, say good by to the temperamental points system.  Front fender delete with custom fork brace.  Joe opted for clubman bars, we dont know why he didn't use clip ons?  Front end looks especially trick with the single speedo gauge with racing white face and neutral and light indicator done in mini LED.  You cant get much tougher that blacked out motor with SS bolt package.  Cl pegs and exhaust are swapped out for their CB counter parts.  Exhaust wrapped in black fiber with crome drag pipes.  The Porsche grey body work is finished off with shaving the factory filler and moulding in the flush pop up cas cap. Vintage look is finished off with K70 rubber.  Nice job Joe, good luck with you chopper build!

Stealth 69 CL450

Starting with a 69 CL450 that was a "Rat Rod" , more like a junkyard runner. Plans are to make it a custom cafe with a blacked out theme.  Total restoration, every bolt on the bike has been touched.  Old school cafe theme, many parts have been removed or lightened.  The build started with taking everything off and stripping everything down.  The frame was sanded down, the factory welds were smoothed out, a pan was welded in under the seat to mount the battery and electronics.  The rear fender was deleted and cross member drilled out.  The front fender was shortened and drilled out also.  Extra brackets were cut off like the chain guard brackets and side cover brackets.  The clubman bars were swapped out after finding out they were bent in favor of clip ons with LED bar end turning signals.  A new seat and tank mount was bolted on for the fiberglass tank, cowl and seat.  The stock pegs and locations were abandoned for rear controls in the passenger peg location.  The front end was rebuilt with new seals and the yoke got new tapered bearings instead of the old ball bearings.   The risers were deleted and drilled out for flush mounting switches for power and starter.  The old gauges were replaced with smaller new LED gauges with lowered mounting height.  Shortie GP levers were installed and machined for brake light switch.  Stock headlight remains with a added stone guard.  The wiring all went into the trash after finding a car coil, spliced spark plug wires, and shoe strings as tie wires.  Totally rewired front to back soldering all joints and shrink wrapping everything and put in asphalt wire loom for a vintage look.  The old points system was tossed for a electronic Pamco ignition.  New coils, vintage cloth plug wires and new plugs finish out the spark.  The entire motor was broken down, cleaned, lubed, and put back together.  While out the stripped out kickstart shaft got replaced.  Cylinders were cleaned and honed and new rings installed.  Heads were cleaned, and a valve job with new seals.   Bottom end was taken apart and lubed.  Motor was painted with high heat satin black with aluminum accents.  The cooling fins were filed to give a thicker and flatter look and to expose the aluminum under the paint.  The carburetors were  taken apart cleaned, new seals, painted and adjusted and fitted with K&N type pods.   Front hub, frame, fender, and sprocket cover were all drilled out to lighten and look cool.  


Honda SL350

He says he has a "vision".?

He Did and it came out Great!

71 CL175

Resto Mod?

Keep going back and forth either totally stock or slightly modified resto?  

Mountain Bike


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72 CB450

Blue Drag Brat

Looking to make a Drag Brat  blue with white trim.  JUST NEED TO GET HOME TO START IT!  

Starting out with CB450.  Changed my mind from the custom Cl tank and went with the longer 500T tank.  Drag bars with 2.5in sweep.  Droped the back by 1.5inches to give it the drag look.  Cut the back half of the frame off and shortened it up with a upsweep hoop welded back in.  Aluminum seat pan.  Upgraded stopping power with a new master cylinder and stainless brake lines.  Rear tire is a flat drag looking 4.0X18, up front the skinny 3.25X19.  

Special Thanks.

  • Ron Smalls (Wiring and technical advisor, parts locator, tips and tricks)
  • Mike at Acworth Cycle (valve job and parts vendor)
  • Dime City Cycles ( parts vendor of anything cool)
  • Atlanta Cycle ( Wheel truing and advisors)
  • ebay   ( any part you think you wont be able to find, they got it)
  • Ace Hardware  ( specialty fasteners)
  • Les (neighbor, sand blasting)

Kamikaze Cafe‚Äč

70 450